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What is Cosmetic Dentistry ?

Cosmetic Dentistry removes unaesthetic appearance of the teeth to give good, pleasant, bright look to your face and smile. A cosmetic dentist makes your teeth more brighter results in more confident, healthy and more brighter smile; means a complete smile makeover.

Teeth whitening is a kind of cosmetic dentistry to remove darkened, worn, decayed, stained, and discolored appearance of the teeth. It involves Teeth Whitening, Teeth Bonding or use of Porcelain Veneers. Teeth whitening are done by dental bleaching. Teeth darkened or stained by cigarette or coffee stains can be whitened by tooth bleaching.

Teeth bonding can be used for chipped, broken teeth or worn, decayed, cracked teeth. Adhesive bonding is used to correct broken teeth, chipped teeth, or spaced teeth or fanged teeth.We do with extreme care.

Composite veneers Metal-free ceramic crowns Tooth re-contouring Gum re-contouring Instant tooth whitening

Before treatment
After treatment
cosmetic dentistry


Deadly viruses like HIV (AIDS) and HEPATITIS- B are not a cause of concern at our center, as we follow strict Sterilization procedures and cross contamination care.

All our critical instruments are AUTOCLAVED (Autoclave is strilisation by steam at 121 degree centigrade under minimum 15 pounds of pressure for minimum 16 minutes It is much more than boiling, this procedure of sterilization is used in hospitals for carrying out major surgeries)

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