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  Treatment Modalities

Orthodontics (Begg & Straight Wire)
Single sitting root canal treatment & flap surgeries
Pre & Post X-rays (RVG)
Crown & Bridges (Ceramics, metal free ceramics)
Implants & Gum surgeries
Tooth coloured fillings
Paediatric treatments
Other dental procedures  

This speciality of dentistry deals with correction of malaligned teeth using removable or fixed appliance or myofunctional appliance. Removable appliance is used to correct minor spacing ,crossbites in children. This treatment is of short duration and can be removed by the patient. Fixed appliance is of 2 types Beggs and straight wire. This treatment is time consuming and cannot be removed by the patient. Myofunctional appliance is used to correct a developing occlusion especially in children aged 6 to 10 years.

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Conservative Dentistry

1. Cleaning and shaping your root canals
Rootcanal treatment: This is a procedure done to save your tooth from removing. First the dentist makes an opening in your tooth to remove decay and any fillings. Then remove the decayed pulp with tiny flexible files. Using up and down motion we clean and smooth the canals to prepare them to accommodate the filling materials.

2.Filling your root canals
After cleaning and shaping the canals the dentist will fill the canals with tiny cone shaped material called gutta-percha. A sealer cement is used to seal the filling material into place.

3. Restoring your tooth
After the inside of the your tooth has been treated the outside will be treated. To protect your tooth's underlying structures and if the tooth needs an extra support the dentist may remove some gutta-percha and inser a post before a filling and crown to be applied.

A crown is usually metal or ceramic and is used to cover a tooth. After your rootcanal therapy take care of your treated tooth the same way as other teeths. Brush after every meal, floss regularly and have regular checkups.

The entire procedure is painless and is performed under local anaesthesia if needed. SINGLE SITTING ROOT CANAL TREATMENT IS ALSO DONE HERE,DEPENDING UPON THE CONDITION OF TOOTH
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